NatureTex decorative products

Solutions for a Better Environment

NatureTex specializes in creating Wallcoverings that are made from natural fibers and materials. Our Wallcoverings are manufactured under the criteria and standards set forth by certified and accredited third party organizations for environmental sustainability.

Most of our Wallcovering products can contribute to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System set forth by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Over 90% of our Wallcovering meets the Recycled Content percentages for LEED credit. The recycle content typically includes pre-consumer in the surface material and post-consumer in the paper backing material.

Our Natural Wallcoverings use Rapidly Renewable fibers which can also contribute to LEED credits. These fibers breathe and will not aggravate the environment, either in manufacturing or disposal. Listed below is a description of these natural fibers.

comes from cotton, a rapidly renewable plant. Bemberg is the brand name for the cotton product produced from linter - the fiber that surrounds the cotton seed.
is a natural compound made from the cell wall of green plants. Cellulose is used in our paper, rayon and wood pulp wallcoverings. All cellulose product sources are from FCS managed forests.
is spun into thread and used to make breathable textile. It is a plentiful plant which is rapidly renewable. The world produces around 25 million tons of cotton every year.
is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced from rapidly renewable plants. It is estimated that between 2.3 to 2.8 million tons of Jute is produces every year.
is from the Hibiscus family, Kenaf is a rapidly renewable plant which grows 12-18 feet in 150 days. It yields 5-10 tons of dry fiber per acre.
is from tree bark Straw. Kozo is rapidly renewable, made from plant stems, stalks, leaves, bark and grass. It is used to make our grass cloth wallcoverings.
is made from Flax, a rapidly renewable plant. Flax is harvested for fiber production about 100 days after planting. The world flax production is estimated at almost one million tons per year.
Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable non-chemical thermoplastic, derived from rapidly renewable resources including potatoes and corn.
is made from Wood Pulp and Cellulose, the source for our Rayon starts from FCS managed forests.
is a natural protein fiber which is rapidly renewable. It comes from cocoons of silkworms and moth caterpillars and is woven into textiles. Approximately 150,000 tons of silk is produced in the world annually.
Our source for determining which natural fibers are rapidly renewable is The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

All our Wallcoverings with wood pulp and cellulose come from certified sources which include Smart Wood, Rainforest Alliance and SGS. The sustainable forestry techniques used to harvest the wood pulp make it a renewable resource. Under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the third party organizations listed above certify that forest management practices of our sources adhere to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards. Each of these sources has a Chain -of - Custody Certificate number (available upon request).

Under the LEED Indoor Environmental Quality, our Wallcovering meets the criteria for Low Emitting Material. We use water-based inks and coatings with No Chemical Additives. Since there are no chemical additives, the VOC level falls below the limit set forth by the Adhesive and Sealant Rule # 1168 requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California.

In addition to high environmental standards for our products content, our Mills use management practices set forth by the International Standards Organization (ISO) for manufacturing our products. The ISO 14001 and ISO 0991 2000 certification confirms that our Mills operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. It further assures our Mill’s employees that they are working for a socially and environmentally responsible Organization. It also provides assurance to the A and D Community and regulatory agencies that our Mills complies with Global Environmental Regulations.

NatureTex is committed to providing Solutions for a Better Environment by creating Sustainable Wallcoverings which use natural and renewable materials manufactured in accordance with accredited and certified Environmental Standards.

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